Meditation Increases Satisfaction And Happiness At Work

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We're always faced with stressful and challenging situations at work, and that's inevitable, but what do you think is the key to workplace happiness?

According to Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness at Work, regular meditation and mindfulness is what's needed.

"Sometimes people are really concerned about practicing mindfulness at work. They think they'll lose their edge, or they won't strive or seek excellence, but it actually opens up the door to being more creative and finding a sense of meaning," she said.

Here is how meditation can help you feel better and a lot happier at work according to Salzberg.

1. Think of something you can infuse in your day that will give you a sense of meaning and can turn your day into something that's really positive. She suggests that you can tell yourself something like "I will try to be compassionate to everyone I encounter" or "I will try to communicate well".

2. When you are faced with a situation when you just want to get up and walk away, be realistic because let's face it, you've got bills to pay. "What do you see as a realistic path to change in your situation?" she says. "See what you can change, and see what's actually happening (without focusing on your immediate reactions). Focus on the bigger picture. Even if you're seeking change, doing so from a less driven, less reactive place is a good thing."

3. Salzberg says mindfulness may not really be realistic most of the time but you can practice it daily by spending at least 10 to 20 minutes sitting or walking while doing meditation. This specific time should be dedicated to increasing awareness and cultivating compassion.

4. Remember to breathe every time you are faced with a challenging situation, it is a very powerful thing to do according to Salzberg.

5. Mindfulness and meditation can help you clear your mind because it increases your awareness of yourself, and that should help you realize whether you need to take a break or realize the next steps to take and new habits to establish.

6. Meditation and mindfulness makes you realize that your life does not just simply revolve around your work. These habits can help you get a different perspective, a fresher way to look at things.

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