Grand Theft Auto Series Helps PlayStation Edge Xbox In Sales For First Time In Over Two Years

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For the first time in two and a half years, more people bought PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360 in a one month period, according to the tech site Pocket-lint. Grand Theft Auto may once again be PlayStation's ace of spades.

The Grand Theft Auto Series has long been PlayStation's defense against Xbox. Even as Xbox has picked up the rights to the last few titles, PlayStation users seem to find a deeper connection with the crime-based game.

According to the research group NPD, GTA IV helped spur sales when it released in 2008. GTA V, which came out last month, may be having an even greater effect.

One reason for "V's" superior impact could be because of its enhanced game play. According the website Extreme Tech, gameplay on the PS3 for IV "looked awful" compared to Xbox 360. For GTA V, the website rates PS3 slightly higher than Xbox 360 in gameplay and slightly higher overall. See below for video comparison.

NPD believes GTA V has led to more sales than GTA IV because of a special GTA-PS3 "bundle", Pocket-lint reported. For just $270, the bundle includes a PS3 console, GTA V game, wireless controller, power chords, a 30 day PlayStation plus trial, and even the option to finance the purchase.

"The launch of Grand Theft Auto V this September was a much needed shot in the arm for the industry," NPD analyst Liam Callahan said. "Overall retail sales across hardware, software and accessories were up 27 percent versus September 2012, lifted by software sales of Grand Theft Auto V."

Don't forget about Xbox 360 yet. GTA titles come out only once every few years. Microsoft's creation remains the highest selling console of the year and just hit $80 million in sales since its release in 2005, Pocket-flint reported.

Xbox One and PS4 will release next month.

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