'The Flash' News & Update: Hitting Its Stride; New Villain Introduced [Video]


A new villain is on the loose in Central City who calls himself Savitar The God of Speed.

Exciting scenes were featured in the latest episode of "The Flash." First off, Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) is having frequent visions of his alternate timeline as Kid Flash. He seeks the assistance of Doc Alchemy who turns out, "help" from him has a price. People who seek him out turned out unhinged and drunk on their newfound power, according to Polygon.

Prior to that, Caitlyn Snow (Danielle Panabaker) finally comes forward about slowly transforming into, what we can only surmise, as an alter ego of Killer Frost in the Flashpoint Timeline. Needless to say, Caitlyn is scared of her emerging abilities knowing full well, that continuously using them will transform her eventually without any chance of coming back.

The episode turned out "so fast" that it is almost like the confrontation scene with Alchemy is premature. Not long after, Savitar emerged. Which made fans ask what's the point in showing Alchemy if he will be gone in a split second by the arrival of the God of Speed?

Who is Savitar? His first appearance in the comics was way back in 1995: The Flash" (Vol. 2) #108 by Mark Wade and artist Oscar Jimenez. Though not figured prominently in the series, what is interesting about him is his origin. He received his powers by being hit with lightning originating from the Speed Force.

Instead of using his powers for good, he fashioned himself a God or "Savitr" in Hindu for God of Motion. He set up a cult that studied his powers and managed to develop new methods of using the Speed Force for himself. Ultimately, his biggest rival is Wally (Kid Flash), Collider reported.

In the comics, Barry Allen (who was already dead in the comics) who briefly came back as the Black Flash, the Grim Reaper for speedsters, ultimately killed him. Upon his introduction in the TV Series, we can expect a more exciting prospect as we await Wally to emerge from the cocoon he is in.

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