Intern At SpaceX? Here Are Interview Questions Asked From Applicants


Internships are a great way to get experience in the industry. College and university students can get into specific job areas and departments to get an insight into the field they are entering. It also gives them a feel of what their future career path may bring. Interning at SpaceX could bring potential knowledge and experience for those in the field of aeronautics, science, technology and engineering.

For those who are looking into getting an intern at SpaceX can find themselves in a spot sometimes especially during an interview. Luckily, Glassdoor was able to compile some of the questions and procedures coming from applicants and successful interns at SpaceX.

Here are some of their experiences in SpaceX recruiting and application:

1. A recruiter contacted this one applicant. He was instructed to take a debugging test which was made of of multiple choice. The applicant had a hard time on certain questions concerning memory allocation.

2. This university student was asked various questions. Most were situational as well as technical. It was mainly focused on how the applicant would fit with the team. After all, everything in SpaceX is a team effort.

3. Depending on the department the applicant is interested in, some recruiters go out of the resume platform and ask about engineering projects that concern the university or college student. Sometimes they zone in on rocket propulsion systems and ask the applicant's thoughts on it.

4. Some interns were asked about coding and systems architecture. If it's a technical position, subjects such as Javascript, databases and more were discussed.

5. Some had it easy, initially. Recruiters often ask why they want to work for a company like SpaceX and if they knew about the company's mission. Which is mostly related to space technology and life on Mars.

These are only some of the applicants' experiences. Did you try to apply as an intern at SpaceX before? Tell us your questions via the comments section.

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