5 Basic Mac Hacks for Making Student Life Easy


The MacBook is both an expensive but very powerful piece of machinery. Even non-Apple fans who got a taste of the MacBook can attest that it is a cut above the rest of the other laptops. Whether you've just used a Mac or have been using it for a long time, these simple hacks can make it much easier for you to navigate it.

Quick Formatting

Have you ever been in a situation where you copied some important information from a website but the font and formatting was just off? Just press Command + Shift + V together to save you time from formatting those messy pasted texts.

Prevent Eyestrain

Pulling an all-nighter or prolonged computer use can strain your eyes. You can prevent it by adjusting the colors on the screen. Simply access the "Settings" menu and click "Keyboard" > "Shortcuts" > "Accessibility." Then press Command + Option + 8 together to switch between color options that suit your eyes.

Free Disk Space

If you've had your Mac for quite a few years or have a lot of saved data, its performance might slow down. You can save up some space without wasting too much time by opening the Mac's Terminal Application and typing "Purge" on its command line. The action will free more than 500 MB of space.

Insert Special Characters

If you are using a lot of special characters when typing, just press any letter you want to use much longer and a menu will appear. Then, choose the character you need to use.

Make Quick Calculations

You don't need to draw up the calculator again and again to make quick calculations. Just type the math problem on the search bar and it will automatically give you the answer. For example, just type 6 X 5 and the answer will appear below.

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