Zenfone AR: Asus’ First-Ever Phone to be Tango-Ready; Launch at CES 2017; 2K Display, 4 GB RAM on Board?


Asus will unveil Zenfone AR, an AR-compatible device with cutting-edge performance. 

Asus Zenfone AR with Google: Technical specs

According to CEO, Jerry Shen, the Zenfone AR packs advanced performance using plenty of sensor settings to provide depth perception.

With that being said, potential users will be able to have a much better experience in gaming, navigating, and running the mobile apps. Furthermore, the Zenfone AR will likely be specced similar to Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.

Zenfone AR is expected to be shipped with 4GB of RAM and 2K display.

Asus Zenfone AR with Google: Release date

The Zenfone AR will be launched during CES 2017 event. Asus has been ambitious in rolling out advanced gadgets including the upcoming AIO VR devices in Q3 2017. Aside from that, the Taiwan-based company will introduce the Zenfone 4 family in Q2 2017, 9to5 Google reported.

Asus devices compatible with Google Tango

Asus Zenfone AR smartphone is not the first Tango project. It was Lenovo Phab 2 Pro that's  being introduced as the first Tango-capable.

However, Phab 2 Pro is a 6.4-inch device that is more appropriate to be called a tablet. It has been available for purchase since earlier this month with a price of $499.

As a Tango-ready device, Zenfone AR is highly-anticipated by the tech crowds as they want to know the progress that Asus has been making with its AR department. So far, the Tango App Store has been offering more than 20 mobile apps and the number is expected to grown by the end of year.

Tango, is a new technology from Google that enables physical space mapping and object recognition in a device. It creates an AR experience in which information overlaid, GSM Arena has learned. For instance, users can play game on the bedroom's floor or measure the furniture as if they're in a real life situation.


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