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University Computer Science Program Chair Ted Pawlicki Resigns Due To Pressures Caused By His FB Remarks


A computer program leader loses his position from the University of Rochester after he posted an offer via Facebook that he will pay anti-Trump protesters a one-way ticket on the promise that the departure will be for good. 

Ted Pawlicki, the university's computer science program director, was forced to resign under pressure after triggering a demonstration  entitled "Not My America" by activists. He offered to pay $16 for a ride from Rochester to Canada for students who don't think that the country this time, after Donald Trump won, is not their America, according to USA Today

In his email to students and faculty members, he was apologetic for what he has done and regretted that he hurt some people. Pawlicki was criticized by many for being such a bully. The students' school organ, Campus Times first reported his apology. Then it was picked up by mainstream media.

Pawlicki at that time did not realize that what he considered as a joke would further escalate into an unfair treatment when he just wanted to neutralize the situation.The decision was made after his consultation with the dean of the engineering school, Wendi Heinzelman, and with the computer science department, chair, Sandhya Dwarkadas. 

The troubled director, Pawlicki has served the undergraduate department in the computer science field for the last 18 years. His stepping down is a sad event in his life - but he still retains  his capacity as the senior lecturer which is a teaching task. 

The University of Rochester and Pawlicki believe that they are tolerant for providing freedom of expression for both students and the faculty members. However, it can't be denied that many were hurt over his comments and he would like to make amends thus, prompting him to resign in good faith, as explained by the Daily Wire.

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