See Where Internship Opportunities Are This Season


Responsible companies welcome quality internships - not just to save up on the workforce's expenditures but also to discover fresh talents from the younger generation. This is actually crucial in the world today when computer skills are a must. 

Another place to look into is in Kalamazoo. They have CareerZone on campus for excellent student assistance. This is why they have a high rate of expected WMU internship rate which is 90 percent. Some are required, others are recommended but in any case as the program director and professors, Lynn Kelly-Albertson, the executive director of the Careerzone, puts it, they are all beneficial.

An internship is an important introduction to the work front especially the day to day dealings in a culture that supports staff that they can excel in their tasks. The relationship with colleagues and other people in the organization is also highlighted. It's just a matter of finding the right fit, Albertson said.

Albertson stressed that professionalism is what employers are expecting from employees. Dressing up that reflects the standard of the company must not be undermined. CareerZone in Ellsworth Hall even gives a personalized guidance support to interested students in a one on one basis.

The Monroe-Brown Foundation in conjunction with Southwest Michigan even goes as far as finding the right companies for their students to go for their students' internships. This way, a good match between students and career providers comes handy, said Jane Baker, who is the executive director of the Monroe Foundation.

Interns are hired independently with students getting paid on an hourly basis. A $500 bonus is also at stake plus the chance to get a $2,500 worth from the foundation. Packages like this are up for the grab - that are open to interns this season but it's up to you to investigate if you fit in , according to Western Herald.

Many others in Kalamazoo, in Michigan or elsewhere are offering such efficient work systems but students must practice the skill of finding them. You might fail at first but if you continue, the only way is up towards your career goal. Take a look at this CNN Internships which are currently available.  


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