'Disney College Program': Magical Intership Opportunity That You Can Do With A Smile


If you don't know yet about the description of a "Disney" persona then you might want to arrange a visit this month. November is a great month to visit there because of the balanced weather and not much influx of visitors. Just make sure you don't go there during Thanksgiving Day and Jersey Weeks.

As it has projected as far as the "Disney" image is concerned. It's a sort of a happy place and people who basically works or visits there are the happiest. Be aware that the Epcots International Wine and Food Festival is ongoing and runDisney race is also coming back among the many events in November, as listed in the Disney Tourist Blog.

Note also that if you have that "Disney" persona and would like to experience working in such an exciting place, you can try your luck as an intern first. You might find it humorous that the name of your boss will be "Mickey Mouse".

Guess what? Interns at "Disney" can easily pay off living arrangements especially when you are from overseas. Yes, they accept internships from around the world so expect housemates with different nationalities if you want to save some of your housing allowance by living off-site. 

One internship job that you can have there is at All-Star Music Resort's food court, where you can enhance your customer service skills. Despite starting early at that outlet, you can never be lonely. Most "Disney" goers take advantage of the breakfast being served there.

While working, you can also have magical time at "Disney" or better known as "Disney World". Imagine pushing the drink button, keeping the ketchup container tidy, watching over empty condiments container for a timely refill and cleaning up with your ever gorgeous smile from start to finish.  

The "Disney College Program" is offered in California and Florida. You can apply for internship during the fall and spring periods. College credit will depend on the job assignment and is open for graduates or graduating students still in college. All interns are paid for the job, according to UHCL the Signal.

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