Top High-Paying Jobs For Those Who Do Not Want To Be Chained To Their Computers (Part 2)


It was previously reported that not everyone wants to stay cooped up in front of a computer for a whole day. There are people who enjoy working with their hands by fixing and creating things.

Jobs like being a postal service mail carrier, boilermaker, first-line supervisor of construction trades and extraction workers have an average annual pay of about $60,000. Subway or streetcar operators, signal or track switch repairers, farm or ranch managers as well as electrical power-line installers or repairers are also high-paying jobs.

Business Insider shared 13 high-paying jobs that don't require staring at a computer the whole day. The data was gathered from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), which is a database of the U.S. Department of Labor that provides detailed information on hundreds of jobs.

Transportation vehicle, equipment or systems inspector (except for aviation)

This job mainly inspects and monitors transportation equipment, vehicles as well as systems to make sure that they comply with regulations and safety standards. It has a median annual pay of $70,820.

Ship engineer

Ship engineers supervise and coordinate activities of the crew who are engaged in operating and maintaining engines, boilers and deck machinery, among others. It has a median annual pay of $72,870.


Professional acupuncturists provide treatment through needles and small electrical currents. They can also provide massage treatment or preventive treatments. It has an annual average pay of $74,710.

Ship, boat or barge mate

They mainly supervise or coordinate activities of the crew on board. It has a median annual pay of $76,780.

Anesthesiologist assistant

These professionals assist anesthesiologists for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. They also monitor patients' statuses and provide care during surgeries. This job has an annual average pay of $98,180.


An obstetrician/gynecologist provides medical care for women, especially for diseases that affect the reproductive system. It has a median annual pay of $187,200.

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