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College Students, It's Good To Always Be The Designated Driver


College drinking is described as a ritual for students. Majority even see it as an important part of their experience with higher education.

It was previously reported that about 40 percent of college students aged 18 to 22 engaged in binge drinking. The consequences of such drinking habits resulted to thousands of assaults, accidents, injuries, arrests as well as deaths every year. About 1,825 college students aged 18 to 24 die each year from alcohol-related injuries, including DUI, every year.

A student's social circle and peer pressure are key motivators to binge drinking in the campus. Sports and Greek life also are factors that increase the chances of binge drinking in college.

U.S. News shared nine reasons why it's actually good to be the designated driver for your friends. These are advice from experts on how it can help your health and others'.

1. You can save your life and others'. You would also be doing such a service for your friends because it's a matter of life and death.

2. You can strengthen your friendship by sticking with them "till the bitter end." It would show your loyalty and how you actually care for their well-being.

3. You will feel better the next day. For one, because you won't have a hangover and the second reason would be because you know that you have helped a friend.

4. You can stay healthy. Staying away from alcohol can actually help keep you away from high blood pressure, liver inflammation, a weakened immune system and cancer.

5. You can find fellow DDs. It may seem like you're such a kill joy for not joining the fun but know that there are other students who are also being responsible enough for their friends.

6. No one actually cares whether you're drinking or not. True friends will respect you for it.

7. You can save money and keep off the calories. Choose seltzer water with lime or diet drinks instead, if you're looking to keep the calories off.

8. You can still have fun. You don't need a drink to enjoy the night.

9. You may even have more fun. Without beer goggles, you have the ability to take in the environment more.

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