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Nov 12, 2016 01:47 AM EST

‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Updates: New photos Reveal Sora’s New Keyblade Form; Game’s Story Arc Detailed On ‘Sora’ Figure Packaging


Before the slated release of the game franchise "Kingdom of Heart 3," rumors have been circulating online from its manufacturer, Square Enix, detailing what will be Sora's new keyblade weapon and powerful upgrades. In addition, Sora's action figure, which will be released earlier than the game, spilled more information about the game's story arc.

Following a series of tweets, Square Enix and "Kingdom Hearts" hinted little but significant information into the highly anticipated "Kingdom Hearts 3" sequel, with screenshots showing Sora's latest Drive forms that should amplify the characters' abilities. Named the 'Guard form,' the latest iteration of Sora's expanding wardrobe transforms the keyblade into a shield, according to IGN.

On the other hand, Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Sora action figure packaging contained a detailed description at the back, which interprets the story arc that should happen in the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts III" game. The description is stated below as translated via Gematsu:

"With the world under the control of a single Master, the final struggle for true peace begins.

Through countless adventures across many worlds in his long battle against the darkness, Sora, once a little boy who only dreamed worlds beyond his island even existed, has grown up to a dashing young man. Now he is realizing that that battle has played out exactly as Master Xehanort had planned, and the second Keyblade War, the final struggle between light and dark, looms ahead. To counter the overwhelming darkness, Sora and his friends must gather the seven guardians of light. His best friend Riku and King Mickey seek out a battle-scarred Keyblade wielder, while Sora, Donald, and Goofy set off on a journey to find "the Key to Return Hearts." Never-before-featured Disney worlds set the stage for another daring adventure to save the universe!

 Chosen by the Keyblade, he is the one whose heart's light never fails to shine as a beacon of hope.

 Sora, the brave hero chosen by the Keyblade, has always had a strong sense of justice. Through his many battles against darkness, he has grown and learned about the world immensely. Drawn to his light, many friends have lent him their support and granted him their powers to counter the darkness: Riku, the childhood friend he grew up with on Destiny Islands; Donald and Goofy, the two comrades with whom he has shared his adventures from the very beginning; and King Mickey, who unfailingly supports Sora with his own mighty strength. As the world becomes enveloped in another battle against darkness, the Keyblade wielder and his friends must rise up against Master Xehanort and thwart his plot to incite another Keyblade War."

"Kingdom Hearts III" is currently in development for PS4 and Xbox One, without a set release date yet as Square Enix remains silent with the game's progress. In the meantime, players should check the "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" Final Chapter Prologues that will be released next year on Jan. 28.

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