PlayStation 4 Pro Release Date, News & Update: Reveals 4K Compatibility With PC-Like Graphics; Worth Upgrade?


PlayStation 4 Pro that has been in the rumor mill and reports from quite some time now has finally been revealed. The console is also said to be a turning point for the modern console era complete with 4K Gaming and HDR Support. Furthermore, it is also said to be reasonably priced.

The PlayStation 4 Pro reportedly not only improved their previous console but developed a product with gaming support comparable to the PC. The PlayStation 4 Pro also comes with a hefty 1TB hard drive, extra USB plug and an optical audio out. The device is said to work best on a 4K TV, without which the improved graphics may not be as much appreciated as on a 4K TV, The Verge reported.

The $399 PlayStation 4 Pro also weighs more than its predecessor and is in fact larger in size but not as much as the original Xbox One. It also comes with a big PC-style plug in the rear. However, installation via an external hard drive is still restricted. The CPU and RAM on the PlayStation 4 Pro is also said to run faster with an extra 1GB RAM for apps to keep 8GB GDDR5 RAM for games.

Meanwhile, there is currently a debate on whether or not to get an upgrade from the slimmer PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 Pro rolls out with 4K Support best on a 4K television. The 4K compatibility reportedly offers four times more pixel as 1080p on the PS4, Mic reported.

PlayStation 4 Pro also has higher frame rates and loads faster. Moreover, the PS4 Pro is also slated to launch simultaneously with the VR headset, making virtual reality gaming more real on the new console. Furthermore, remote play will now allow streaming games on compatible devices apart from the PS4 and the  share play will allow recording and sending gameplay clips. Watch the PS4 Pro | The Future of Play - Launch Video

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