Paragon’s Newest Hero Crunch Has Unique Combo System; Learn The Crunch Moves Here [VIDEO]


MOBA Paragon has just released a debut trailer of its latest hero, Crunch, who "likes to punch." The hulking robot has a unique combo system in his arsenal to eliminate his opponents.

Epic Games has just added Crunch to its roster of combatants. What can the big green robot do to make the game more exciting?

To start, Crunch is described as a melee fighter equipped with a unique combo system. Once the robot uses each of his abilities, Crunch is "capable of fluidly chaining combos" that will ultimately destroy his opponents according to

Steve Superville, Creative Director of Epic Games, adds that Crunch has different sets of abilities unlike other characters. Each of these abilities gives players tools that they can use to set the battle in their favor.

Another noticeable thing with Crunch is that he has actual speaking lines. "My name is Crunch and I like to punch" seems ridiculous for a colossal robot to say, but no one will be able to underestimate his great strength once in the arena.

What are the special moves of Crunch? He has four punch moves: the Re-Crunch, Forward Crunch, Left Crunch, and the Right Crunch as reported in PC Invasion.

The Re-Crunch enables Crunch to repeat the last ability he used, potentially paving the way for more combos. Forward Crunch is a big punch move that can be used for opponents who gets too close. Right Crunch is meant to be a follow-up, which is a bit slow as it builds momentum. When the move is empowered, the punch sends enemies flying into the air. A unique passive ability of the brutish robot is in empowering a third attack, thereby altering the attributes of each.

The newest hero of Paragon, Crunch, is available for free starting Nov. 15. 

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