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Will Donald Trump Finally Realize His Campaign Promise To Shrink The Department Of Education?


Barack Obama's administration policies will no doubt be revised to cater more on private school vouchers to become a government-subsidized system, and basically to generally shrink the Department of Educations in order to boost resources on charter schools.

President-elect Donald Trump also has no problems in totally demolishing the whole department of education and perhaps set-up his version of a liberated schools system where guns are banned among others and a ready to avail student loan facility, as noted from the Miami Herald's report.

Trump's  $20 billion grant program focuses on the States providing school choice that aid parents in selecting the most appropriate school for their children highlighting, of course, the vouchers, charter and magnet forms of schools. The budget is intended to be taken from the federal funds.

The given strategy will force the education department to decrease its function thereby allowing his administration to basically reorganize it into a smaller sector ,especially when it implements the "Every Student Succeeds Act" as it is.

The Office of Civil Rights under the education department can also be eliminated if Trump decides not to pursue Obama's sexual assault and racial discrimination investigations in schools. He might need to come up with a branch that safeguards students from being discriminated racially, sexually and physically.

Gerard Robinson,who shares Trump's beliefs and who was an education chief before in Florida and Virginia is certain that choice programs will be a priority in the Trump administration. The $20 billion proposed budget would be insignificant because of the president-elect's gearing on parental choice when it comes to schools, according to Washington Post.

He is confident that Trump will adopt entrepreneurship in the education department in the hope that it will run independently as it will have the jurisdiction to solve own problems. No more dictatorship in the system - only partnership, he added. 

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