Boston University To Allow Students To Take Pass/Fail Classes


Boston University has announced that it will be allowing students to take pass/fail classes for a certain number of credits. Apparently, this is to give students the freedom to pursue their passions and interests.

USA Today College reported that, on Jan. 1, Boston University will allow students to take up to eight credits of academic coursework on a pass/fail basis. These classes will not contribute to major or minor requirements or any type of credit such as language, writing, general education or study abroad.

The new policy is expected to encourage "intellectual exploration." Students have received the news positively.

"Our main priority for our four years here is to learn as much as we can, and this is a great way to do that with little risk," Kate Wauschek, a freshman, said. "Also, for people who don't know exactly what they want to major in or are considering a double major or minor, this is a great way to test if they like the subject area and want to pursue one of these options."

According to Boston University's official website, students may elect P/F grading for up to four credits of academic work, which is normally equivalent to one course, in a single semester or summer term session. When a student passes a course, the credits from said course are counted toward the degree but it will not be used to calculate the student's grade point average.

If a student fails a course, the grade and the credits are used in calculating the grade point average. Students must also have a good academic standing to designate a course as P/F.

The deadline for fall semester's election of P/F classes will be on Jan. 10. Students must fill up the Pass-Fail Course Designation Form and have it signed by their advisor. Students who take classes P/F will not be able to repeat the course again.

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