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Amazon Releases Season Two Scenarios for 'The Man in the High Castle'


"The Man in the High Castle" Season 2 is expected to be released by Amazon next month and it will have a total of ten episodes. The trailer of the series showed key scenarios that we will see on the next season with Juliana defecting to the Reich, Joe's possible resignation and Tagomi's struggle with his trippy visions.

The next season will show how situations are getting worse for the characters mentioned. Juliana was also shown to have acquainted for the first time with the heinous John Smith, which leaves an atmosphere of tension. During the early part of the year, Amazon Studios reported that showrunner Frank Spotnitz will be resigning from his position.

Spotnitz has already started doing his work for the series in a remote mode. He will still serve as the show's executive producer and will not have to work hands-on with the series. However, he is still functioning as a consultant for the show. The original crew from the season one of the series are still intact though, according to Den of Geek.

In terms of the casting for the season two of "The Man in the High Castle," no specific information was disclosed, but there is a new character that will play a significant role in Joe's life. Actor Sebastian Roche was chosen to play this recurring role. The French actor is famous for starring in the series "The Originals", according to IGN.

Roche will play as a rich and noble Nazi official who is based in Berlin, and is at the same time Joe's estranged father. His character wants to be reunited with his son, yet he is so immersed with the extermination of the enemies of the Reich. Spotnitz said that there will be scenarios about what has happened to the rest of the planet in reference to the first season. 

 "The Man in the High Castle" is expected to be released on Dec. 16. 


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