3 Reasons Why You Should Study at a Community College

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Every student who dreams of going to a university is often faced with challenges, be it academic, or financial. For those who are having problems will financing their study, or those who are not able to enter the university of their choice, or those who simply don't know what to do after high school but want to study, community colleges are perfect for you.

Community colleges provide higher education for people living in any given area, at a much lower cost compared to universities, reports Study International. Contrary to common misconceptions, community colleges are able to help students get to universities and are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education and the council for Higher Education Accreditation.

For those who are unable to enter university but are skeptical of enrolling in a community college, here are some reasons why community colleges are good choices for higher education.

1) They offer academic flexibility

Community colleges enable students to study at their own pace, even studying part-time. This helps students who are unsure of what they want gauge the areas they could grow in and develop their skills. Students studying in community colleges can take up associate-degree programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and can take up even just one or two classes.

Community colleges aren't only for fresh high school graduates - they're also for parents who need to balance their time with their families, too.

2) They're more affordable compared to universities

Can't afford to pay the tuition fees required by universities? Then community college will help students get that education minus the soaring fees. Many community colleges normally charge about $1,000 for in-state tuition, reports U.S. News. Compare this with the thousands of dollars required at universities.

Not only that, students enrolling at community colleges can also apply for financial aid.

3) They can prepare students for universities

Many community colleges allow students to transfer their credits to another school when they decide to pursue a bachelor's degree. Knowing this, students who currently can't afford a university education can choose specific classes at a community college, and bring their credits with them to university at a more opportune time.

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