Microsoft Surface Phone Update: 3 Reasons Why 2017 is Not The Right Time for The Release [VIDEO]


Microsoft is expected to release the Surface Phone in 2017 and here are the three reasons why the release may not be the right time.

Microsoft Surface Phone specs: Similar to modern flagships

The Surface Phone is rumored to sport Snapdragon 830 and 20MP rear camera. Microsoft could be releasing three variants of Surface Phone differ in RAM and ROM, but all will feature 5.7-inch QHD display, TrustedReviews has learned.

That does sound impressive for a next year's device but OnePlus 4 is also geared up for 2017 launch - sporting similar specs with likely much cheaper price at around $399.

Xiaomi has established itself as a budget-phone brand that offers specs on par with high-end devices. The upcoming Mi 6 is expected to feature the same series of Snapdragon chipset but the premium handset is unlikely to go above $699.

Unless Microsoft crafts its own chipset or you are a loyal fan, the overwhelming choices of fast-performing devices in 2017 might set aside the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone: A business-centric phone?

Chris Cappossela of Microsoft said that Surface Phone is made for people who love Windows, Business Insider reported. We know that Windows has 'legacy' system that makes it crucial for business and the Surface Phone should be able to have that unique feature.

However, unique is not always a selling point when it comes to a smartphone. The question is, will it survive?

Microsoft Surface Phone: 2017 release date means a head-to-head competition with the established-brands

While the Surface Phone is highly-anticipated, we should not forget that there will be other handsets launched in 2017. For instance, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 device and the Nokia Android phone.

For Samsung, the flagship iteration means a much-improved device that rights all the wrongs in Galaxy Note 7. As for Nokia, the Android phone means a comeback from a long break, Gizmodo reported. Thus, the Android geeks might have a special interest in the two handsets judging from their history.

Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to be introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Feb. 27.

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