Another Bezel-Less Phone Coming in December from The Company that Once Manufactured Nexus Device; A Mi Mix Competitor? [VIDEO]


A recent leak suggests a smartphone with bezel-less design is expected to be unveiled in December. No, it is not Meizu or another Xiaomi.

Huawei bezel-less phone that will look like Xiaomi Mi Mix?

A new report detailing bezel-less phone made by Huawei suggests that the Chinese phone maker will introduce the device on Dec. 16. A familiar source claims that Samsung supplies the curved display panel for Huawei, Android Headlines has learned.

It's interesting to find out whether the same panel is used for the upcoming Galaxy S8.

It seems that Xiaomi Mi Mix has become a benchmark in a bezel-less phone design. The latest report on Huawei's all-screen display garners attention from the tech crowds as they quickly compare the upcoming handset with the concept phone, Mi Mix.

It is unclear whether Huawei will release the phone as a concept device like what Xiaomi has done with the Mi Mix. However, tech analysts believe that this will be a premium flagship offered by Huawei.

Previously, the Chinese smartphone-maker built the Nexus 6P and it just recently released Mate 9 which rocks everything you've ever wanted in a smartphone, The Verge reported. With that being said, consumers can expect an impressive, nothing-like-Xiaomi design coming from Huawei.

The rumors about Huawei bezel-less phone has already swirled around the web for a year after a patent document on an all-screen phone concept surfaced. Hence, it is nothing new but it is something that the tech geeks are highly-anticipating.

Huawei bezel-less phone could compete with Meizu's upcoming device

Previously, a leak of an alleged Meizu bezel-less phone is said to be released in December. The device shows an elegant build with a bigger screen-to-body ratio than Mi Mix. Check out the detail here.



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