Snapchat: Augmented Reality Animating Your Everyday Life


Snapchat, the leader in image messaging and multimedia mobile application, introduced a new type of filter called "World Lenses" as a step to the launch of AR video camera glasses, Spectacles.

This most recent update from Snapchat sounds exciting because it added special filters for the phone's rear camera where it does not only detect or track a person's face, but it allows you to use a 3D filter that you can apply to the things around you. World Lenses overlays a filter to your surroundings which add playfulness and fun to the app.

World Lenses can be activated by flipping your front camera to the rear camera and tapping on your view ahead. The update comes with seven lense options for you to choose from including the standard set that you have been able to access when you use your front camera. These lenses are kind of giving you the feel of what it is going to be like when their new camera glasses, Spectacles, is finally released.

This strategic step taken by Snapchat was primarily because it aims to be the leader in augmented reality. Augmented reality is your ability to integrate graphics from your mobile phones or smart devices into the real world environments.

AR is the reason why Snapchat has recently rebranded to Snap Inc, as a camera company and is about launch their new sunglasses Spectacles. These new lenses in World Lenses are similar to the filters that are going to be used with Spectacles because you will be able to digitally modify the world around you when you wear the glasses. The glasses will also have a Bluetooth pairing option where you can record a video that you can share on Snapchat.

As of the moment, there is no update yet as to the exact release date for Spectacles, but it is definitely something that Snapchat avid users are looking forward to.

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