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Netflix Selects Israel’s Highly-Acclaimed ‘Fauda’ As Netflix Original Series; Suspense-Drama With English Subtitles [VIDEO]


Netflix has purchased the rights to the highly-acclaimed Israeli TV series, "Fauda." Netflix will feature "Fauda" as the Netflix Original Series, keeping the languages in Jewish and Arabic with English subtitles.

"Fauda" is a suspense-drama-action TV series that depicts the lives of the soldiers of Mista'arvim, the special defense forces of the Israel Army. The commando unit is specially trained to integrate into the Palestinian community by adopting the language, clothing and mannerisms of the locals.

By working undercover, the Israeli soldiers is able to foil possible terrorist attacks and provide vital information to guide military operations. What makes "Fauda" distinct and commendable is that it allows viewers to get to know both Jewish and Arab soldiers, including their backstories and background.

The show creators are journalist and Arab Affairs specialist, Avi Issacharoff and actor Lior Raz, both drew from their experience in the long-standing Arab-Jewish conflict. Arabs and Jewish actors receive equal time, following the philosophy of its creators whose goal is to present both sides and to pass no judgment for "neither one is innocent" as reported in Variety

"Fauda" has become the most-watched TV series in the history of its home network, YES. The show has received six awards including Best Drama Series in the Israeli Emmy's as reported in Digital Trends.

The show even found its way to Palestinian homes and in Palestinian social media. "Fauda" is not only a realistic take on existing conflicts, but also entertaining with all the elements that make up a good political thriller. "Fauda" boasts of intricate plot twists, hostage takings and negotiations with close combat scenes.

It is not surprising that Netflix selected the show as the streaming site beefs up its international offerings. "Fauda" is currently in production for its second season. Meanwhile, Netflix subscribers can begin streaming "Fauda" Season 1 starting in Dec. 2.

Netflix will also include in its International roster "Suburra" (Italy), "3 Percent" (Brazil), "Sacred Games" (India) and a soon-to-be announced period movie from Spain.

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