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YouTube Is Now Playing HDR Content on Supported Devices; Playback on Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop Unlikely? [VIDEO]


Google has just confirmed that YouTube is now capable of handling High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) content. Content makers can now upload HDR content while users can watch it playback on HDR-supported devices.

Google has even collaborated with content makers, namely, MsyteryGuitarMan, Jacob+KatieSchwarz and Abandon Visuals to produce and upload samples of HDR content, which is in effect since Nov. 7.

So where can users watch YouTube content that are realistic-looking and detailed? Is it possible to watch YouTube with HDR content via the smartphone, tablet or laptop?

High resolution requires around 1000 nits of brightness, which even the best smartphone can only manage half, around 500 to 600 nits. Because HDR has many requirements, this kind of content cannot be seen in smartphones, tablets or even in laptops. YouTube still offers the standard dynamic range, which displays fairly good image for smaller screens.

As of now, Google has confirmed that only the Samsung series 2016 SUHD and UHD TVs are currently supported. It is presumed that LeEco's new 4k HDR Android TVs and Xiaomi's new 4K HDR-Streaming box will soon have these supports, but Google has not made any official announcements as of yet, according to 9to5 Google.

Chromecast Ultra, which is now available in Google store, is the only set-top box capable of playing HDR content. It is unlikely that Roku and Amazon will lag behind for its developers may develop HDR features anytime soon. Meanwhile, Apple has no plans to apply 4K, meaning that Apple TV users cannot expect HDR streaming on their devices.

The ability of HDR to provide detailed images where there is too much brightness or the lack thereof makes it a by-word in video and filmmaking. HDR renders realistic looking images just the same way our eyes perceive things according to Gizmodo.

Hence, HDR remains an important selling feature when it comes to TVs and monitors. HDR is able to pull vibrant colors and far superior image quality from the pixels that are available.

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