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Google Search: Testing New Layouts, Colorful Icons As Search Shortcuts; More Relevant And Faster Search? [VIDEO]


Google is continuously innovating to make a search more relevant and faster than it already is. Now, Google is testing a new layout using more colorful icons in order to cut down search time and make the news feed relevant to the search.

The new Google search interface shows a series of shortcuts just below the search bar. The new layout noticeably used circle designs in its news feed.

However, the new layout is still being tested so it will not yet appear in the Google search page. Not even those that are part of the Google app beta have received any information on the new interface. As of present, the new interface is not yet available for a wider user base.

Screenshot images of the new Google search layout appeared online, Android Police reported. The changes are very distinct and noticeable. For instance, one image shows five colorful icons under the search bar. The icons were labeled as Directions to Work, Translate, Tic Tac Toe, ATMS, and the last as a View All.

On the other hand, another image featured five different icons also under the search bar. These icons are Weather, Restaurants, Attractions, I'm Feeling Curious and the same View All.

The first screenshot shows icons that allow users to have immediate access to maps, translation, games, banks and possibly other categories under the view all. Meanwhile, the second provides the weather, dining options, movies, answers to questions and possibly many more.

Evidently, Google is making every search more customized by providing different categories to further define the search, Mobile Scout has learned. In truth, these experiments were already rumored a few months ago.

With the release of the screenshot images, it only indicates that Google is still set on pursuing the new layout, possibly seeing its huge potential. For now, Google users can only wait until the people behind Google has completed the experiment and offer the new layout for general use.

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