The Harsh Truth Behind Disengaged Employees


If you manage a business or own a company, you definitely want to hire the right people which explains why you would be spending hours sifting through hundreds or maybe thousands of applications to be able to find the right person for the job. It is critical for an organization to find the most committed individuals to work for the company.

And as an employer, it is important to acknowledge that your employees are your most valuable assets and that it is crucial to keep their motivation and level of engagement to positively impact your business. But what if your employees are beginning to lose that feeling of motivation? What could be the reasons you should watch out for?

Here are some of the reasons why your employees disengage and stop caring as much as you'd like and you need them to:

  •  Your employees understand why it is important to you to reach the company's goals but they cannot see how it could be a benefit to them. There is no answer to a "what's in it for me" question.
  •  They do not feel recognized for their hard work and they do not feel like that their contributions are valued. Maybe you have not sought their opinions or probably failed to appreciate their efforts even the littlest ones.
  •  The environment you cultivate in your office may not be something that your employees really enjoy. What they are looking for is a positive, encouraging and friendly atmosphere despite the fact that you all are directed towards achieving a goal.
  •  They may feel that they are treated like machines or robots, instead of individuals. Ask yourself if you have even spent time getting to know your employees better, or do you really know them by faces and by names.
  •  They may not see a path that will lead to a career growth in your company. It's important that you discuss with them the long term benefits they can get when they stay with your company as your company continues to grow.
  •  They might have creative ideas for the company to improve and expand but they may have not been given to voice to share.
  •  They may feel that despite their hard work, their paycheck remains the same. Maybe you can roll out an incentive program to share the profits with your employees who deserve it.

These are just a few of the things worth thinking about when you run your business. It's not about replacing your employees, it is about working with your employees and treating them like teammates.

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