MacBook Pro Latest News: Thunderbolt 3 Products Don't Work With 2016 Model; Apple Products Price Markdown Implemented [VIDEO]

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The MacBook Pro that was introduced last month is reportedly found incompatible with earlier Thunderbolt 3 devices. A compatibility test surfaced online providing a short list of the devices compatible with the MacBook Pro 2016. Moreover, Apple reportedly requires the 2nd generation TPS65983 chipset for peripherals to be compatible

It is said that the MacBook Pro with touch bar will not work with controller chips from Texas Instruments, MacRumors reported. Hence, some Thunderbolt 3 products will not be able to work with the new MacBook Pro. A recent compatibility test claims that TBT3-HDMI2X and TBT3-DP2X graphics adapters were not compatible with the new MacBook Pro. Furthermore, all current Thunderbolt 3 peripherals with the said chip will also be incompatible with the device.

Apple reportedly chose to prevent such devices from functioning on the MacBook Pro 2016. In light of this, the site that launched the compatibility test will postpone their TBT3-UD1 Docking Station to evaluate a MacBook-compatible docking station, Playable reported. On the other hand, the TBT3-UDV dock with Power Delivery/Charging uses a different controller chip from TI and are reportedly compatible with the 2016 MacBook Pro.

It is speculated that Apple will push a firmware update to support accessories with an older TI controller. As of this writing, the version of OS X will also not work with Certified Thunderbolt 3 docks and adapters prior to the November 2016 release. Apparently, the devices use the first generation of TI USB-C chipset (TPS65982).

Meanwhile,the USB-C to USB adapter from Apple will reportedly be reduced in price to $9 from $19. The announcement came after Apple announced the MacBook Pro 2016 with the new USB-C style connectors. Mac Buyers have reportedly responded negatively due to the added expenses.

The MacBook Pro will be using peripherals with a hefty price tag moving Apple to reduce prices on all USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals. In addition, Apple's USB-C adapter and cables will also get a price markdown. The cables will cost $19 to  $29 while the Thunderbolt 3 adapters have been reduced to $29 to $49. Watch Thunderbolt 3 for MacBook Pro is now Available via USB-C - Accessories from LaCie, Akitio, Promise

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