'Minecraft' Latest Update for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition Released [Video]


There's some good news for those who love Minecraft because Mojang has released an update called 0.16.1 for Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Edition.

As detailed on Mojang's website, the latest update will fix some bugs and make a better gaming experience.

'Minecraft': Windows 10 Edition is an exclusive version for Microsoft's Windows 10 OS. The Windows 10 version features the ability to play with Xbox Live friends and use multiple control schemes, such as an Xbox controller, keyboard, or touchscreen, and even record and take screenshots in-game using the built-in GameDVR.

Back in Aug. 2011, 'Minecraft': Pocket Edition was released for the Android Market as an early alpha version, and then released to several other compatible devices on that same year. An iOS version was also made available after the Android released.

In September 2014,  Microsoft acquired Mojang and then made a port available for Windows Phone. The port focuses on the creative building and survival aspect of the game but does not contain all the feature of the Minecraft PC version. Minecraft players can download the latest update by going to their favorite app store.


  • Enough space for some longer localized text.
  • Performance improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • A crash caused by some splash potions generated through slash commands.
  • You can now delete the world & save a resource pack if the path has UTF-8 characters.
  • Updating player inventory slots.
  • Realm crash when placing an item frame.
  • Game crash when renaming a map.
  • Creepers explode when attacked by snow golems now.
  • Inventory slots are now kept in the .mcworld save file (Education Edition only)
  • .A crash when creating a new world.
  • Crashes caused by fire arrows.Crash on iOS devices when the game is resumed.

Launched in 2011, 'Minecraft' is a sandbox video game originally developed by Swedish game designer Markus Persson and later developed and published by Mojang.

Mojang's Minecraft is a three-dimensional sandbox video game that has no specific goals for the player to accomplish, giving players the great amount of freedom on how to play Minecraft.

The game focuses on around breaking and placing a block, which composed of rough 3D cubes arranged in fixed grid pattern. The 3D cubes represent different material blocks, such as stone, water, tree trunks, etc.

Minecraft players can gather these materials and place them elsewhere, thus allowing players to build constructions out of those textured cubes in a 3D generated the world.

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