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Android 7.0 Nougat Updates, Tips & Tricks: Latest OS Reveals Added Functionality, Hidden Features, User Tips [VIDEO]


Earlier this year, Google released the first beta of Android N as part of a new "Android Beta Program" intended for testing by developers and enthusiasts ahead of the Google I/O developer conference. The latest Android Nougat firmware is expected to introduce notable changes to smartphones' operating system and its development platform, including the ability to display multiple apps on-screen at once in a split-screen view, support for inline replies to notifications, among others.

Android 7.0-7.1 Nougat, codenamed N during the OS' development, is the seventh major version of the Android operating system. First released as a beta build on March 9, it was officially released on Aug. 22 with Nexus devices being the first to receive the update.

Before the expected release of the latest Android Nougat firmware to selected smartphones in the future, Inquirer reported bits of information on some of the tips and tricks that will increase both system security and entertainment quality to users.

1. Android 7 Split screen mode

Through the new multi-window mode, users are given more power to use applications at their ease. By long-pressing the Overview button, the current app will snap to half of the smartphone's display.

Long-pressing the Overview button again will return the display back to normal, or make it possible to adjust one of the window's boundary lines to either maximize the app or hide it.

2. Android 7 Data Saver

Data Saver lets the user choose which apps have data access when the screen is off. So this feature is particularly handy for keeping battery-draining apps like Facebook at rest.

Data Saver is disabled as standard, and to turn it on, users should explore the Settings tab, then locate, "Data Usage" and select "Data Saver." By tapping on it, users can choose the apps that have full access when in standby.

3. Quickly switch between apps in Android Nougat

Instead of cycling through the "Recent Apps" view, Nougat can now easily direct users through their last-used app with a simple double tap of the Overview button.

4. Clear all apps

At the top of the recent apps, users should discover a handy "Clear All" option that shuts down everything currently open.

5. Quick settings

Adding new tiles from the depository can be done by choosing what settings appear in the notifications drawer. Long-pressing on an existing shortcut makes it move and reorganizes the view.

6. Quick reply

The Nougat will delete the stress of opening a messaging app for creating texts as tapping the "Reply" will immediately start a composition to reply fast.

7. Silence annoying apps

Control is app-specific and can be customised by long-pressing on the notification, or dragging the notification just far enough to reveal the Settings cog. Three options can be selected by users such as 'Show notifications silently', 'Block all notifications', and 'Don't silence or block' (default).

8. DPI changer

Android Nougat introduces a new option that allows users to control DPI settings and thus alter icon and font sizes across the OS.

9. System UI Tuner

Each app can be assigned a level of importance, with the highest (5) always appearing at the top of the notification list, while others block apps from peeking, silencing sound and vibration, or hiding them altogether.

10. Hamburger menu

11. Add a second language

The ability to set primary and secondary languages can be unlocked by visiting "Languages & Input" from the Settings menu. Tap into "Languages" to add new ones and reorder the installed dictionaries.

12. Android N Keyboard themes

From "Settings," users can tap into "Languages & input," then followed by Virtual keyboard. Selecting the option for Google Keyboard, then Theme enables users to switch from templates already available for keyboard. Users can also use their own images as a background.

13. Camera volume button

Through Nougat, the volume keys can be reprogrammed for more control within the camera app. By ducking into the camera "Settings" menu, users can choose to assign the volume key to fire the shutter, or initiate zoom.

14. Emergency info

Emergency information such as medications and allergies can be added from the "Users" menu found under "Device Settings," or by tapping on the icon that appears in the "Quick Settings" shade when fully expanded. Users can click on 'Emergency information' to add essentials like name, blood type, among others.

15. Unlock Nougat's cat collecting game

The mechanics of the secret mini-game are similar to that of Neko Atsume. To unlock the game, users should visit the "Settings" panel and locate "About Phone" tab. Here tap on the Android version number a bunch of times until the Nougat logo flashes into view, tap on this repeatedly before long-pressing. If done correctly a cat emoji should appear. Now head back to your Quick Settings shade, click edit (pencil) and select 'Empty Dish'.

Tap to add food to your cat dish and await the arrival of the new kitty companions. Users can choose to name it and share it with their network.

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