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‘Beauty And The Beast’: Movie Explains Emma Watson's Belle; Ever Wonder Why The Village Considers Her Odd? [VIDEO]


The big-screen adaptation of the "Beauty and the Beast" will finally explain why Belle seems out of place in her home-village. For a young woman, she spends a lot of time in her books, which the villagers think as odd.

Walt Disney Pictures is bringing the all-time favorite children's story, "Beauty and the Beast," into the big screen as a live-action movie. It will feature a stellar cast with "Harry Potters" Emma Watson as Belle, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Dan Stevens as the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston.

In the new movie, Belle is the inventor and not "crazy old Maurice" like in the animated film. By making Belle the inventor of all sorts of devices, the story will be able to explain a lot of things about the central character.

Watson who plays Belle recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss and explain the backstory of Belle. Watson thinks that the new spin will give her character more depth and a lot of sense.

The new spin to Belle's story will justify the character's penchant for books, which Gaston views in disgust because it is unreadable and have "no pictures" in them. For those unfamiliar with the story, Gaston is the avid wooer of Belle. He loves to hunt, collect animal heads and show off his muscles to the bar girls.

Belle is the beautiful but not typical village girl for she invents washing machines on her spare time according to Vanity Fair. She has a sharp mind, always eager to read and devour new ideas. Because she invents and reads, the villagers scorn her, considering her a strange girl.

In the latest offering, Maurice is a music maker. He makes music boxes for his daughter. He is very overprotective, having lost his wife early on. To discourage young Belle from seeing the world and travelling, he creates music boxes showcasing different countries.

Now that the backstory of Belle has been established, the "Beauty and the Beast" will take its predictable route. Belle will get trapped in an enchanted castle, meets the Beast, and they will fall in love.

Naturally, there will be struggles and fighting along the way for Gaston will not easily give up. However, the Bill Condon-directed movie will be a treat for children and adults alike. The "Beauty and the Beast" is set to be released on March 17, 2017.

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