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‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Linked? Netflix Released Fan Theories Video


Undeniably, "Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" are both popular television series, but what if these two popular series are actually connected to each other? Fan Theories break down the relation of the two shows in a video recently released by Netflix.

The theory suggests that the zombies in "Walking Dead" were actually started by Walter White of "Breaking Bad" after creating the blue meth. Interestingly, the video clip showed four key details that appeared in both series.

First, is the blue sky meth that appeared in one episode of "Walking Dead". According to BGR, Daryl took out Merle's stash of drugs containing the blue meth.  Daryl also talked about his brother's old drug supplier, a "janky little white guy" that says "I'm gonna kill you." The guy sounds exactly like Jesse Pinkman, the meth dealer.     

The red dodge challenger with black stripes was used by Glenn as an escape vehicle. It looks exactly the same vehicale that Walter White gave to his son for his birthday. White had to deal with the car dealer named Glenn. So, Glenn might also be the same car dealer in "Breaking Bad" before became a pizza boy in "Walking Dead".

Lastly, Fan Theories also talked about Gus Fring who literally ended his scene on "Breaking Bad" by literally walking dead who perhaps became the first zombie. He might have stolen blue meth from Walter White.

Moreover, according to Huffington Post, the name "Heisenberg" was also mentioned by the Governor in "Walking Dead". "Heisenberg" happens to be the street name of Walter White in the "Breaking Bad".  

There goes the connection of the two series. This not actually the first time these rumors about the connection of the two series had surfaced. Back in 2014 the same hypotheses linking the "Breaking Bad and "Walking Dead" break out, reported Variety.  

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