‘Clash of Clans’ Latest News: December, November Updates Confirmed!; Bonus Events, Items, Seaside Battles, Bug Fixes Expected [VIDEO]


"Clash of Clans" December update is reported to be released following the recent Halloween update. Given the number of Halloween-themed towers and items, including bonus events, Supercell is expected to bring more items with Christmas-themed soldiers, items among others. Previous issues about a glitch in training the soldiers that brought difficulty in managing resources to earn more while spending less were also fixed.

However, the "Clash of Clans" players are still left with the Scary Pumpkin obstacles, since Supercell has seemed to leave it with no confirmed date on when the said features will be removed. Nevertheless, there are speculations that the December update will discard all the remaining November items. Based on reports, the obstacles provide little XP for the soldiers, making up for a small boost over a period of time.

"Clash of Clans" December update is also reported to bring new bonus events and game changers for the players to compete in exchange for more XP and resources. Aside from that, seaside battles are expected to be highlighted to provide a fresh makeover. Reports also suggest that ships are likely to be included as well as new troops that can be used in the sea to battle. In fact, the fans believe that it may arrive soon after the Halloween update has been launched, Phone Arena reported.

Meanwhile, "Clash Of Clans" November 2016 update is now available. The 8.551.24 update is reported to be optional, which comes with a fix for the dragging feature in the Army Training, among others. This feature is broken for players with the old client, which means they have to install the latest optional update or version 8.551.24 in order to make it work properly again. The players are also expected to install the latest version when it becomes available in Google Play and App Store.

"Clash Of Clans" November update 8.551.24 appears to come with only a few features, making some players await for some new defenses and changes, Neurogadget reported. Watch "Clash of Clans" Dec 2016 Update & Future of Clash here:

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