Looking for a Job? Here are the Top Must-Have Apps to get you Hired!


If you are looking for a job, you can make your job search easy-breezy with the use of technology at your fingertips. There's a wide variety of helpful mobile applications that you can make use of to make your job hunt easy and effective. Here's the top four of the best job search apps.


The Cityhour app which can be downloaded to your iPhone and iPad, can be synced with your LinkedIn profile so that it would be easier for you to find contacts. Cityhour allows you to connect to anyone in your LinkedIn profile contacts and enable you to meet them in person in just a matter of 2 hours!

LinkedIn Job Search

This powerful app can be downloaded to either an iPhone or an Android phone and works perfectly when it comes to quickly finding job opportunities wherever you want by using the location based search. You can also get notifications based on your job searches.


This app for iPhones and iPads helps you make your job search organized by giving you the ability to track your searches and applications. You can also login to JobAware anytime, anywhere because it is also accessible from a web browser.


JobMo is available for both Androids and iPhones. The app allows you to search for jobs through a wide array of job listings, and enables you to connect and contact your fellow jobseekers. And in order to help you choose the company you'd like to apply for, you can view the salaries offered by each company, as well as the trend and openings in your current field, so that you can apply for the best positions. You can also use this app to narrow down your job search based on location.

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