'Kingdom Hearts III' News, Updates, Release Dates: Game to Feature More Hidden Keyblades; Sora to Go To Mt. Olympus? More Gameplay Details and Secrets Revealed


News and updates for "Kingdom Hearts 3" have been very scarce especially after the self-imposed news embargo from Square Enix not to post any official announcements or updates for the sequel before "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" launched in 2017. Luckily for players, Square Enix had tweeted screenshots of Sora getting a new keyblade weapon and more power upgrades.

With that in mind, what else can we expect from "Kingdom Hearts 3?" Here's everything to know about the upcoming sequel to the franchise: tips and tricks, new features and upgrades, and more.

Sora's new keyblade weapon

"Kingdom Hearts 3" will be featuring a new Drive form for the game's protagonist, Sora. The new Guard form seems to be molded from the hammer and Hercules' shield. In the screenshot posted by the game's official Twitter account, Sora is seen on the backdrop of Mount Olympus, which means that the new sequel will likely take place in the Herculean settings.

Based on the report by Techno Buffalo, these screenshots were also featured during the Paris Games Week. It also noted that the new Keyblade can take many forms, like a hammer, depending on the world it is in. Moreover, the screenshots revealed that there will be more Disney-related elements that players can expect from "Kingdom Hearts 3."

What else to expect from 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

For now, Square Enix hasn't released any official information regarding "Kingdom Hearts III." Gamespot learned, however, that the sequel will be featuring Sora at his strongest, as he evolves alongside his combat tactics. He also passes the Mark of Mastery exam. Fans would recall that he failed said exam during the last installment of the game.

Fans can also expect level-ups of battles. Sora will be facing bigger and badder enemies in "Kingdom Hearts 3," so expect more action and challenges in the game!

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