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Legacy Status: Having Difficulty Getting Into College? Go To Your Parent's School


Getting excellent students through family legacy is not always successful, according to surveys conducted. However, the tradition that is deemed unfair by many continues, especially when college admission is limited thereby making it difficult for aspirants.

Admitsee, a survey platform gathers 60,000 student profiles of those who successfully admitted to college. It is observed that most students that got in with the help of their legacy status had lower SAT scores than non-legacy students, says Business Insider

Now that high school students are getting ready for college entry registrations, the subject regarding legal status again arises. Each normally has some kind of dream college to go to or university.

But if they do not have much luck with those choices, they normally end up going to the same school as one of their parents. Perhaps, some schools will deny this as they mostly campaign about their admission policies.

Diversion, equality, and academic merit are normally mentioned in handbooks and their guidelines for legacy applicants are nowhere in print but obviously practiced, according to Ivy Select.

Legacy status is the term used when indicating that a family predecessor graduated from that particular school being applied at. Colleges are somewhat guilty of giving priorities to these applicants as seen in the data collected by Admitsee.

Michael Hurwitz, then a doctoral student in Harvard University proved disputed Admitsee's study otherwise. 30 schools were carefully selected to support his finding that legacy students have more odds getting into their parent's old schools than non-legacy students.

Nevertheless, the issue won't just die down. Richard D. Kahlenberg, a Century Foundation senior commented that prioritizing the admission of the already privileged is unfair. Legacy has nothing to do with merit which should be the main basis for admission. 

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