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LG G6 News, Updates, Rumors: What to Expect From the Upcoming LG Flagship; Specs, Features, Prices, Release Date Revealed [VIDEO]


Fans are excited about the upcoming release of LG G6, especially as it stands to compete with two titans in the smartphone industry: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple's iPhone 7 Plus. But the question is, should they buy the LG G5 or wait for the LG G6? Here's the lowdown of everything to expect from the upcoming LG flagship: specs, features, price details and more.

Specifications and features

According to PCAdvisor, the new LG G6 will be sporting a 5.3-inch Quad-HD display, with potential support for 4k videos. Barring upgrades on the LG G6, the new flagship LG phone shares a lot of its specs with its predecessor as it is packed with a 32GB storage, Snapdragon 830 processor and will run on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Like the LG G5, it would also sport a dual camera, but will introduce USB Type-C charging ports.

What to expect from LG G6

There are two important things that will appear on the new LG G6. First, the new Korean flagship will be ditching its modular design in favor of a glass body; however, TrustedReviews reported that they're likely to scrap this new idea because of production costs.

Another feature that may get scrapped on the upcoming LG G6 is the 'Friends' module, which would have allowed the phone's owners to swap out different modules for additional functionality, like an audio DAC and camera enhancer. But the module was critically panned, so it's unlikely to make it to the LG G6.

Still, the LG G6 still has a lot to offer with its new fingerprint scanner and iris-scanning technology. The iris scanning tech purported to appear on the LG G6 seeks to combine two functions in one roof: the selfie camera and the iris scanning tech, according to Phone Arena.

Release date and prices

The LG G6 is expected to be formally announced during February, and is said to cost around $500-$600.

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