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Detailed Steps in Saving Important Messages in iOS and Android Smartphones


Sending and receiving text messages are pehaps the most convenient features of smartphones. For most, it may be their primary way to get in touch with others rather make calls.  Even more important is the ability of smartphones' texting features to equalize the playing field, say for people with hearing disabilty.

Texting is very useful, especially when relaying discreet information.  However, the downside to it is that if you're careful, you might lose important messages accidentally.

Fortunately, Android and iOS users have available options to save those important messages, reported Digital Trends.

Saving Text Messages in iOS

iTunes plays an important role in saving messages so be sure to have it installed in your phone and make a backup. The backup will save majority of your data including the text messages. Below are small and simple steps how to use the iTunes:

1. Launch iTunes and then connect your iOS device to the PC.

2. Select your iOS device icon in the top left corner of iTunes window.

3. On the right-hand side of the Summary is Backups label. Choose Backup under Manually Backup and Restore. Once done with the process, the Latest Backups section will show the recent backup made. To confirm successful backup, do to Preferences then Devices (for MAC) or if using windows, go to Edit then Devices.

Now, the messages on iOS have been backed up and can be accessed anytime.

Saving Text Message in Android

Make sure to download the SMS Backup & Restore free application for Android to your device. This will be used to back up and save your messages. Once uploaded, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch the SMS Backup & Restore up on the device, go to main menu.

2. Tick Backup and begin creating a backup. Choose the information and text messages to save and to where it will be stored. There is also an option to save messages directly to your phone, email inbox, Google Drive or Dropbox.

3. Schedule can also be set to back up information automatically at desired intervals which can be done in the app's settings by accessing the three-dotted icon in the top right corner.

According to Android Authority, there are also other applications to Backup messages. From the Google Play, user may download SMS Backup + which is super easy to use. Tasker can also be used.

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