Surface Dial : Will Work For Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Shipping Ahead Of The Surface Studio [Video]


The Surface Dial is an innovation introduced by Microsoft during its recent Windows 10 event. The hockey puck-like peripheral was said to be compatible not only with the Surface Studio but with other Surface hardware as well.

Being debuted alongside the impressive Surface Studio, the Surface Dial is a radial input device that can be used to access additional screen controls on the fly directly on the display. The device is customizable to easily access added features while you are at work on your latest masterpiece or for other mundane functions such as adjusting screen brightness or turning sound volume up or down.

The Surface Studio will be shipping starting December but the Surface Dial will be available beginning Nov. 10. Now the question is why it would ship ahead. The easiest response is that the device can already be used with any Windows 10 hardware. Even better news is that if you already own a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book, you can start using the Surface Dial on these two devices' display, according to Slash Gear.

The Surface Dial supports a wide array of apps that can grow once its adaptability to other Surface devices is further explored. For now, it supports Ink Replay, OneNote, Windows Maps, Groove Music, Plumbago. The Dial also works with Microsoft Office products, Microsoft reported.

The Surface Dial Wheel can be customized giving the user flexibility in accessing volume controls, browsing features and much more. The device was clearly designed for the Surface Studio, its compatibility to work with other surface devices is a welcome addition that might attract Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book users to consider getting one.

Microsoft has not indicated if theMicrosoft will provide Surface Dial support to the older Surface Pro 3. The device comes bundled with the Surface studio but can be purchased separately for $99 and will be available beginning Nov. 10.

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