Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Does More Than Scratch The Surface [VIDEO]


Function, advanced comfort, and form. Features anyone would want in an ergonomic keyboard.

Those who spend considerable time typing on their keyboards know how it truly feels like to work for hours with the main interface we use to interact with our machines. With the announcement of the latest Microsoft offerings is a keyboard worth having along with the new Surface line of hardware.

The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard's slim; low profile design with the unique palm rest and arched shape can help any serious typist for having strains on their hand and wrists as well as improve one's typing form through its split design. According to Microsoft, the keyboard's palm rest is a double cushioned two-tone grey mélange Alcantara®.

The overall design is similar to that of Microsoft's Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. The difference is that they eliminated the distinctive gap in the keyboard's center right above the spacebars. The number pad is now integrated into the main layout. The added footprint now provides a Fn button as opposed to just a toggle for the Sculpt.

Slash Gear reported the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is compatible with Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and the impressive Surface Studio. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 and uses two AAA batteries that can last up to 12 months and supports Windows 10.

Although there is no mention on what type of switches the keyboard uses, Microsoft says the main typing block (QWERTY) will last for an expected 10 million actuations per key. It also features hotkeys and the multimedia key that are rated to last 500,000 actuations per key.

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard also works with Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices with Human Interface Device (HID) support. The 18.11 X 9.02-inch keyboard weighs in at 2.23 lbs.

The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard can be pre-ordered now for $129.99 USD.

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