Top 10 American Party Schools, Playboy Survey


Located in Morgantown, West Virginia University (WVU) has been named the number one party school by popular men's magazine, 'Playboy' in its annual list of the top 10 party schools in the United States. This is the first time WVU has secured the top spot in the list, thanks to its popular school parties like FallFest and St. Patrick's Day.

"The locals call Morgantown a drinking town with a football problem,'' Playboy told USA Today. "We call it a seven-year plan with the possibility of parole."

"At yearly gatherings, thousands of strapping Mountaineers take to the streets to major in booze-fueled debauchery and minor in public disturbance," Playboy told Daily Mail. "Intoxicated revelers run wild, clothes come off and sometimes couches burn."

WVU is followed by University of Wisconsin which hosts three-day Halloween festivities and tailgating. The University of Colorado in Boulder came third, while the University of Southern California in Los Angeles was listed in the fourth spot due to its 'Fratty Fridays,' which is an 'all-out, all-day affair attended by women who look like models,' reported by the Mail.

The surprising element of the year's report was that the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, which was no.1 in 2012, didn't even make it to the top 10.  

According to the Mail, the magazine arrived at the conclusion, after using data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the NCAA, U.S. Economic Census, and 'feedback from Playboy's more than 12 million social media fans'.

"Playboy is the ultimate authority on nightlife. And when it comes to partying we are second to none," Editorial Director Jimmy Jellinek told the Mail. "Our College Party School rankings come out of this deep reservoir of  knowledge, and the public can be confident when we say a particular school gets down, we mean it."

Playboy's list of Top 10 Party Schools of 2013

1. West Virginia University

2. University of Wisconsin-Madison

3. University of Colorado

4. University of Southern California

5. Florida State University

6. University of Texas

7. Louisiana State University

8. University of Georgia

9. Arizona State University

10. University of Maryland

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