University Student From Alabama A&M Steps Up And Runs Food Pantry to Help Students in His Dorm


Justin Franks, a student from Alabama A&M University, began running a food pantry in his school to help and respond to the needs of his fellow students who are struggling with hunger.

Franks is a full time student at the university and he is also working as a part time desk assistant at his dorm and a fast food restaurant manager. He said that he came up with the idea of running his own pantry because their campus pantry closes a bit early at 6pm and he notices that some university students just do not go to eat outside the campus because it is a lot more costly.

"They didn't have any food. The cafeteria here closes pretty early, and a lot of students here don't have the money to go outside of campus to eat. I wanted to cater to those students," Franks told ABC News.

"I noticed that there were some students that said they were going to bed hungry," said Franks. "So, I thought about it and said, 'What can I give back to my community?'"

He started with the pantry from his own pocket with the amount of $40, and he spent it on instant noodles and Capri Sun. He posted about it on Facebook where it went viral and was shared 600 to 700 times. His generous act of kindness has inspired others to donate and share some goods too. Donations came in pouring from the different members of the community groups, including the alumni and the faculty, members of the Greek Life and many others.

To Franks, what he did was more about compassion and service to the people whom he thinks need them the most and he feels glad to be a blessing to these people. Thanks to his generous heart, he has now helped nearly 100 students in his campus.

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