Education Reform: Democratic Landslide Win Means Affordable World-Class Education


Hillary Clinton does not believe in giving free education for everyone. Subsidized state scholarships should only be availed by those who have no means to support themselves. She is talking about an education reform that can make schools, colleges, and universities become affordable world-class institutions.

This issue is in time with American families' greatest burden - the all-time high cost of education that caused many citizens to be indebted. Hillary Clinton insisted that it is necessary to invest in one's child because it is like investing in the country's bright future.

President Barrack Obama, on the other hand, campaigned with Hillary Clinton in Charlotte and happily approved of her debt-free college system - which he himself proposed something like a two-year community college free of charge for all but it defaced until Clinton revived it.

Area-wise scenario, when the Democrats already reign, its economic reform principles will be reflected in the areas they dominate. Like for instance in Colorado where a total landslide can be predicted in Senate, House and the governor's office, the Colorado Education Association must carry out the pledges during the election, as implied by Ed Excellence

The Republicans who are not into Donald Trump can end up deciding not to vote, thus making a sure victory for democratic candidates in various positions, aside from Hillary Clinton.

Since the Democrats are particular with standards, robust educational reforms will be initially carried out in their bailiwicks. This started from a piecemeal student loan reform from two years ago to a massive debt-free higher education plan. It included tuition-free deals with state colleges and universities for at least 83 percent of the families in the U.S., says Washington Times

Hillary Clinton indicates that she will opt for an executive power to disable student loan repayments for at least a quarter. That shall give enough time for the federal education department to negotiate with borrowers on how to make the repayment system easier for families.

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