AMD Radeon Pro 400 Series Will Come With Your New MacBook Pro [VIDEO]

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AMD's new Radeon Pro 400 Series Graphics was unveiled and Apple's new MacBook Pro will be the first to carry them.

AMD came out with three models of the Radeon Pro 400 Series namely the Radeon Pro 450, Radeon Pro 455, and Radeon Pro 460 and they will come first with your new 15-inch MacBook Pro. The new GPU's were launched a day after the Apple's press event, according to Digital Trends.

The new AMD Radeon Pro 400 series are being touted as the thinnest graphics processor to date that employed the 14nm FinFET process technology resulting in incredibly small transistors. In non-technical language, it simply means millions of minuscule fin-shaped transistors are crammed in a single graphic chip.

AMD also reduced the thickness of the AMD Radeon Pro 400 Series in a complex process called 'die thinning' reducing the chip's thickness from 780 microns to just 380 microns. To demonstrate how thin that is, it is roughly as thick as four stacked sheets of paper. The chip operates at 35 watts of power envelope that draw as little power as possible that assists in keeping the chip cool in the process.

The AMD Radeon Pro 400 Series Graphics was specifically designed for the makers that shape the modern content creation era namely the artists, photographers, visualizers, designers, filmmakers, and engineers whom they call people who are engaged in the art of the impossible According to AMD.

The MacBook Pro is capable of up to 1.8 trillion calculations per second, according to Radeon. The design of the AMD Radeon Pro 400 Series coupled with its low power envelope can deliver smooth, quiet, and efficient operation demanded by most popular creative applications that MacBook Pro handles.

AMD launched a program called "Meet the Creators," which aims to bring the creators together in which to share their work. The program would also be a platform to explore the role that AMD Radeon Pro 400 Series Graphics in the creative process.

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