Florida Professor Arrested for Secretly Filming Students' Skirts and Cleavages through Camera Pen


Don A Samuelson, a 65-year-old professor at the University of Florida (UF), has been arrested Friday after he was found secretly recording female students' skirts and cleavages with a camera pen in his class. His bond has been set at $20,000.

According to an arrest report from the University Police Department, Samuelson, a tenured professor of veterinary medicine, is charged with two counts of video voyeurism of a 19-year-old or older, a third degree felony. He is accused in three separate incidents ranging from April to Aug. 30.

During interrogation with the police, Samuelson claimed he used the camera pen to view and record images for amusement, entertainment and sexual arousal and in one instance; he recorded the video to prove that one of the young woman wasn't wearing any undergarments, which he believed was inappropriate.

Samuelson's allegations surfaced after one of the women found out that he was attempting to film down her shirt, up her skirt, and between her thighs with the camera pen. The victim immediately reported the incident.

During the investigation, the university police found the camera pen containing several pornographic images in Samuelson's office on Sept.9. They seized the pen and portable USB thumb drive containing more videos of women working in his lab or meeting him in his office. Police said that his face and voice can be heard in some of the videos.

The videos include a chest of a woman wearing a V-neck shirt and between women's legs.

Samuelson didn't refute the allegations slapped against him and admitted to owning the recording device. He also admitted that his actions were 'inappropriate.'

Janine Sikes, UF spokeswoman said that Samuelson has been placed on administrative leave and hence forbidden from campus. Sikes said that an investigation into his behavior has been initiated.

"In a situation such as this one with serious allegations, the appropriate action to pursue would be termination," Sikes, Assistant Vice President of Media Relations at UF said.

Samuelson has been a teacher for more than 35 years.

Casey Siljestrom, a second-year veterinary student said that she was surprised to learn the allegations. Samuelson taught histology in 2012.

"We always just thought he was a really nice guy, a little bit boring but never threatening in any way," Siljestrom, 23, said. "I never felt uncomfortable around him."

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