Google Allo 2.0 Update: Two Fan-Favorite Android Nougat Features Available; [VIDEO] Incognito Alerts, GIFs and More!


Google Allo 2.0 update is rolled out and the newest version brings a lot of new stuff including the ones you see in Android Nougat.

Google Allo 2.0 update gets two Android Nougat features

When Google Allo was first introduced, it already brings virtual assistant in the messaging app. With the updates, users can have better messaging experience as it is now loaded with features.

The most interesting fact about the update would be the arrival of two Nougat features. The chat app now supports split-screen, a special feature that's available on Android Nougat platform, Trusted Reviews has learned.

Here's what Google Allo 2.0 multi-window looks like.

Another Nougat feature available in the app is the quick-reply support. With quick-reply, users no longer need to open the app to reply, instead, they can do it right through the Notification window. It is as simple as pulling down the tray - tap and type to reply.

Google Allo 2.0 update brings more features to the table

For GIF-obsessed users, Google Allo now lets you send GIFs to friends as the app now supports GIF keyboard. Google's Justin Uberti took to Twitter to update his followers with the list of features brought to Google Allo, including App shortcuts that enable chatter to reply from home's split screen.

Other added features include Monochrome theme, incognito key alerts and a11y mode. Incognito is a special mode where user can set private notification or chat expiry. The new version also supports direct voice recognition when using Google Assistant.

You can download Google Allo 2.0 on Google Play and here's a quick look on the appearance after update:

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