Pittsburgh Police Arrest University Student Dressed As Spiderman For Trying to Rob a Store


Superhero fans often attempt to imitate their idol like flying from a terrace, climbing a wall of a multi-storey building or riding at top speed, despite being discouraged by administrators.

In a recent effort to ape a superhero, a University of Pittsburgh student has landed behind bars for allegedly trying to demand money from a clerk in an Oakland convenience store early Friday, dressed in the iconic red-and-blue full Spiderman costume. Jonathan Hewson, 21, was arrested the same day.

Police officials said that Hewson marched into Atwood Express and demanded money about 1:10 a.m.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Trib Total Media, Hewson howled at Bob Patel, the clerk, saying "How much money you got?" When Patel pulled out his Taser and aimed at the fake hero, Hewson fled the store before the clerk could fire.

Patel then called the police, who eventually caught Hewson, just a block from the store. Police found him about 30 minutes after the incident occurred, still wearing his spidey suit. Authorities said that Hewson did not possess any weapon.

Currently he is being held in Allegheny County Jail with a bond amount set at $50,000. James Motznik, Pittsburgh Municipal Court Judge, arraigned Hewson on one count of robbery charge, set his bail at $50,000 and ordered the college student to undergo a mental evaluation.

Chris Esposito, Hewson's roommate, said that his friend's weird behavior was a harmless prank gone wrong.

"He's not doing anything malicious. I don't think he's ever considered robbing a store, ever," Chris Esposito, his roommate said.

"He was hanging out with a bunch of friends, running around in a Spider-Man costume. It's just a misunderstanding of somebody robbing a store," Esposito said.

"I think it's just a big misinterpretation, and everything that's being said of him has been misinterpreted," Esposito said. "He's a 'Spider-Man' enthusiast. He's just a college kid, and college kids tend to do strange things. He's not doing anything malicious or with bad intent."

Hewson, a finance major with a minor in economics, is expected to graduate in April.

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