‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Gets Spring 2017 Premier Date, Possible Time Skip To Match Manga [VIDEO]


After much anticipation and amidst all the hype and rumors, "Attack on Titan" finally gets a premiere date for its second season. The titan-filled anime is slated for a spring 2017 release, which will be April to June. It will still follow the original storyline, but there's no word yet on whether it will pick up where the last season left off or if there will be a considerable time skip.

The first season of the hit anime show was well received, not just by casual anime fans, but also by merchandizers. It is only logical for the showrunners to hurry up with a sequel. As reported by Crunchyroll, director Tetsuro Araki and the main cast Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, and Marina Inoue (Eren, Mikasa and Armin, respectively) announced that the season 2 will be available in 2016. But due to production and distribution issue, the plans slipped and the released date was eventually moved to 2017.

The first season of the anime ended with a revelation about the walls of the kingdom, but there's no definite report if the second season will continue where the first ended. A considerable time skip could occur, if the anime is meant to catch up to the manga, which is already 20 volumes (82 chapters) long. The end of the first season happened right around chapter 34, based on their manga publisher, Kodansha Comics.

The upcoming season will be more action packed, with the introduction of new characters and possibly new titans. The manga already introduced titans capable of speech and has shown signs of superior intelligence. There will be more intrigue and more revelations to come, as the characters, especially Eren, learn more truths about their environment, and about being a Titan.

If you haven't watched the first season of the hit anime "Attack on Titan," here's an action-packed live action trailer to get you started.

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