'Logan' Trailer Released; Wolverine's Clone X-23 Finally Makes A Debut [VIDEO]


The trailer for the final Wolverine installment is already out, and fans finally get a glimpse of Logan's clone, X-23. Hugh Jackman plays the titular "Logan," who is now looking a bit aged, despite being virtually immortal because of his mutant powers. The film is set several years into the future and will showcase Logan/Wolverine doing everything he can to protect his daughter-clone.

In the first ever trailer released for the film, Wolverine could be seen all alone in a desolate area, with a narration stating the mutants are all gone now. A frail, aged Professor X introduces him to a girl he describes as very much like him. Based on the comic book series, this girl is X-23, Wolverine's clone that he takes in as his daughter.

The trailer then shows the trio on the run, chased by an army of baddies, which Cinema Blend assumes to be The Reavers. It ends with a touching scene wherein the girl holds Logan's hand as they look towards the horizon.

One of the things that can be gleaned from the trailer is that the mutants are almost wiped out, and with the trio of Wolverine, Professor X, and X-23 on the run, the age of X-men is almost over. It also doesn't help that Professor X is quite aged and frail in this movie, according to a spoiler reveal by The Wrap. Logan may also be slowly losing his powers, as evidenced by scars and bruises all over his body. One of his mutant powers is rapid healing that gave him his seemingly immortal body.

The biggest reveal made by the trailer is the introduction of Laura Kinney, also known as X-23. She's a clone of Wolverine, complete with all his mutant powers and abilities, and the signature adamantium claws to boot. With the mutants almost extinct, Wolverine is sure to take her under his wing, just like the father-daughter bond that can be seen at the end of the trailer.

Below is the official trailer of "Logan," which will be released in March 2017.

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