MacBook Pro 2016 Controversial Features Will Make You Want to Buy the New Mac [VIDEO]


As MacBook Pro 2016 release date is approaching, many are considering buying the new Mac, especially because of these controversial features that are said to add more convenience to Mac experience. Will MacBook Pro 2016 surpass the sales of its laptop rivals?

The following are the controversial features that are expected to land in MacBook Pro 2016:

No Standard USB-C Ports

It was in 2015 when Apple released the 12-inch MacBook without traditional ports. For this matter, MacBook Pro 2016 will be the second Mac without having traditional ports, in favor of the emerging USB-C ports, Telegraph has learned.

Magic Keyboard

The recent leaks of Apple's negotiation with keyboard manufacturer Sonder has made everyone assumed that MacBook Pro 2016 will have a dynamic keyboard with E ink display. However, it is contradicted by credible sources, saying that the magic keyboard is likely to be included in the 2018 Mac models, The Verge reported.

OLED Touch Panel

The long standing rumor about the OLED touch panel, which is said to be located above the keyboard, is constantly making rounds online. The physical functions keys will be replaced by dynamic functions rows and other functionalities as well.

No Headphone Jack

Apple's minimalism mindset might lead to the killing off of the traditional audio jack to save enough space and be able to deliver a slimmer and thinner MacBook Pro 2016. However, there are no confirmed reports regarding the fate of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Magic Toolbar

Just recently, a supposed Apple patent application is currently spreading out in the internet. The said patent is pointing to a magic toolbar where controls of applications are located, such as music and gallery browsing.

Smart Button

Another patent application for the presumed smart button is also making rounds online. The said button is perceived to be the fingerprint sensor of MacBook Pro 2016 model, and is believed to be similar with iPhone's Home Button. 


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