Google Pixel Phone Review: 3 Things Why Pixel and Pixel XL Handsets are NOT Worth the iPhone-Like Price? [VIDEO]


The newly launched Google Pixel phones with iPhone-like price has been the subject of mainstream reviews recently. While some reviews are positive, others come off as blant to the point where buyers would rethink purchasing Pixel and Pixel XL.

The Oct. 4 Google event is a serious indication that the search giant is back on track when it comes to providing hardware innovations. Killing off the Nexus handsets lineup is also another indication that Google had their new favorite - the pair of Pixel phones.

The following reasons offer practical insights why Pixel and Pixel XL are not worth its higher cost:

Outdated Version of Gorilla Glass

Google Pixel phones feature an AMOLED screens with 1440 pixels resolution for the 5.5-inch and 1080 pixels for the 5-inch model. According to Ars Technica, it is disappointing when Google used Gorilla Glass 4 for the screen protection instead of the Gorilla Glass 5 which is more shatter-resistant.

Design is NOT Innovative

Mainstream reviews typically say that Google Pixel phones look like iPhones, but going through deeper analysis, it turns out that the design is not at par with Apple's smartphones. According to Mashable, the Pixel phones' design is not innovative and does not inspire, in the sense that it is a generic one where most recent phones bear the same kind of looks.

Not Water-Resistant

A water-resistant phone is one of Apple's selling point for iPhone 7, which eventually challenged the owners to take their devices with them into the shower. However, Google Pixel phones does not have a water-resistance feature.

It is worth noting that Nexus phones are not water-resistant too, but still remains excusable because of the handsets prices. But the case is different with the Pixel phones that has a higher price (similar to high-caliber iPhones), but missed out the supposed-to-be most important feature of the phone, which is totally  not excusable, The Verge reported. 

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