‘Clash of Clans’ News Update: See How You Can Unlock Shipyard [VIDEO]; Plus More Halloween Decorations Added Including a Shipwreck

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Popular mobile game "Clash of Clans" is all ready to enter the Halloween season, thanks to the leaked "CoC" update that features spooky decors, pumpkins and shipwrecks. Game developer Supercell has not confirm any of the reports, but a redditor apparently posted some photos of leaked images showing the Halloween content of the game.

A shipwreck that appeared on the latest "Clash of Clans" update shows that it can be repaired - a challenge that instantly puts players in a pirate stand. The shipwreck is there for a reason and players who will be able to fix them can use the ships to gather Gold. Interestingly, an image of both the shipwreck and its alleged fixed version were featured on the leaked images.

The shipwrecks gathered the most attention from players, primarily because ships in "Clash of Clans" don't have functions. But if Supercell can find a way to make them useful, this new Halloween update will be a hit. The shipwreck news, however, made it to reddit few days ago wherein additional "Clash of Clans" spoilers were featured.

Apparently, some of the new characters coming to the game includes the BK Statue that costs 55 gems. Players might want to get this as part of the next Red Event on "Clash of Clans." Also in the list is the Red Barbarian King and Red Archer Queen. A single Halloween decoration is also shown featuring a cracked open pumpkin, plus Air Defense Level 9 is also added and an unconfirmed Air Sweeper Level 7 is also mentioned.

Additional leaked info about the "Clash of Clans" update is the new file created to unlock the shipyard. The shipyard appears to unlock at TH 4 and is readily available to fix for a staggering 50,000 Golds.

Since the "Clash of Clans" update is a leaked one, no one really knows when it will start arriving to several "CoC" players. Meantime, you can always come back and check the latest news and update on "Clash of Clans" here in the University Herald.

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